Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Quinn!

Hard to believe that this little spitfire is 4 years old today!  She loved every minute of it!  It was fun to have family and neighbors shake off their sugar hangovers and come celebrate a pretty special girl!

 Quinn was a very spoiled birthday girls.  A special bear from Auntie Suzanne named Grace and an American Girl doll from Mom and Dad named Grace.  (Plus fun stuff to go with her from Uncles and Grandparents.)

Such a fun day celebrating an amazing four year!  Love her to the moon and back!

Fall Catch up!

We've had some computer issues so I am a bit delayed on posting anything new.  Here is a quick catch up!

School is off to a great start.  H is loving Ms. Elsen and all the happenings at Glen Lake Elementary!

Over MEA weekend we headed to Chicago.  We had great weather and got to take in some sights but more importantly spend some really fun time with one of my college friends and her family.

The Lichty and Kelly Kids became fast friends.  
TheWillis Tower was pretty cool.  Great view!

H and Solomon are in cub scouts together but both of their parents missed the sign up for the fall nature hike so Matt took the two of them on a hike around Minnehaha Falls!

Practicing his mad football skills!
 Getting ready for Halloween!

Fun trip to the pumpkin patch with Teddy Smith who was visiting from Houston!

 Wrapping up a fantastic soccer season!  The boys had mixed results on the field but are a great group off the field!

 Halloween!  Not sure when it became a multi day event but we were all in!  H debated between a ninja and Abraham Lincoln...ultimately the sword with the Ninja won out.  Q was a unicorn one day (although she didn't like the hood and a cow girl the next...mostly because she is obsessed with her boots!)

 Part of the hoodlums from the hood...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Back to school!

Off to 1st grade!  Luckily H loves school and was excited to get back to it!

 He was especially excited to ride the bus this year!
 My work had an outing the next Saint Paul Saints Ball Park.  H and I had a date night.  He was actually into the game more than I was!
 We had the PERFECT last weekend of summer.  A Labor Day weekend offering 80+ degree weather allowed us to be out the lake for most of it.  Saturday night we did a big shrimp boil on Elliott's lawn next to the lake.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wrapping up a fun summer!

Summer goes by way to fast!  We are taking advantage of every final moment.  Hopefully September will allow for a few more warm days!

Quinn started soccer and loves it!  Other kids have to be forced on the field or run off to their parents but not Q!  I think she's just excited in on the action after watching her brother the last few years.

We spent a lot of time on the lake this summer.  The picture below just makes me smile because it sums it up so well.  We were able to have various friends out with us.  The kids would spend HOURS in the water playing with whoever and whatever was around.  
Harrison spent a week going to a YMCA Day Camp called Camp Christmas tree.  He loved ever minute and is already asking to be able to do the overnight camp.  One of the best parts for him was riding the bus!
Oh Q....ever a dull moment.  On this particular day she was putting spells and hexes on all of us.
We attended a family Pirate Party complete with treasure hunt and a snow cone machine!

The final day of summer vacation was spent at the Minnesota State Fair.  It was Q's first time so fun to see her explore and Harrison planning what he wanted to do.

H asked to do the Ole Mill ride.  I remember doing it with my mom and her talking about doing it as a child.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Celebrations!

I haven't been a good blogger but we have been as busy as ever!  The events below are out of order but  its a quick glimpse into our July 2015!

Most important event was Harrison's 7th birthday!  I can't believe he is 7!  He's just the coolest kid around.  He LOVES, baseball, lacrosse, chess, Legos, history, biking with his neighbor friends, boating....he just has an unbelievable zest for life!
Of course we had to start the morning at Yo-Yo Donuts!
A great group of kids celebrated Harrison's birthday with a bowling party at Tuttles.  These are about the best group of boys a kid could have as friends!

 We wrapped up baseball with the Glen Lake Mighty Mites!

 Our old neighbors the McCambridges were in town and it was so much fun for H and Jack to see each other.  They literally pick up where they left off.  We miss them so much!
 Logging lots of boat time!  Both of the kids are fishes!
 Off to Swenson's to celebrate the 4th of July!
 Our annual weekend at the Hanson's cabin!  The weather was perfect!