Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful Easter!

We were a little busy leading up to Easter but finally got to dying some eggs the day before!  
The first hunt of the day....EASTER BASKETS! It actually took Harrison a while to find his but it was worth the wait.
 Q found her basket a little quicker but with a bit of help from big brother.

 My two little bunnies!
 It was basically like Christmas without the snow.  Everyone brought treats and gifts for the kids.  Of course they loved every second of it.  Who doesn't love Jelly Beans and Minnie Mouse...
 ....and LEGOS!
 ....and super hero masks...
 ....and dress-up clothes!
 Now time for the big Egg Hunt!  It was 70+ degrees so perfect for an outside hunt!
 Harrison drew some maps for James and Mary Martin Thornton who were over celebrating with us.  They raced around the yard but with 150+ eggs and only 4 kids, there were plenty to go around. I have a feeling we will be finding eggs for quite a while!

Seriously....could he get any cuter???
 OK...this one too!  He wanted his picture taken too.  (I do really have 3 kids sometimes!) He wanted credit for making the ham.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fun in the Sun!

The Lichty Family finally headed to the sun after a LOOOOONG winter.  Q was temporarily taken off of the Federal "No Fly" list.  She, of course, was dressed for the occasion!  Other than deciding she wanted to start potty training mid flight (she always had perfect timing), she actually did pretty well on the flight!

We got to Gold Canyon just in time to celebrate Grandma Ann's birthday!
 One day we went to Scottsdale to log some serious pool time with the Larson and Hoffman families (minus Dave and Mike).  Matt liked being with "The Housewives of the West Metro".
Lots of fun hikes and GEO-Caching!
 A trip to the ghost town.  It was a little windy but we were just happy that the wind didn't involve a chill below zero!


Always a Diva!  For some reason she was loving all the birds.  There was one on the neighbors house and Q was yelling at the bird " careful!  Get down birdy!".

 Mommy and Daddy were able to get in two (yes, TWO) rounds of golf!
 One of Harrison's highlights was a ATV ride in the dessert!
 Q had a favorite ride of her own...Grandpa's golf cart!  (I think it was because he drove her threw the McDonalds Drive through in it to get ice cream!)
 At the Botanical Gardens, the kids learned about telling time with the sun.

 Harrison's longest hike...Silly Mountain!  It was quite the challenge for a 5 year old to get to the top.  I was proud of him!
 The week was capped off with a birthday cake for mommy. While a snow storm dropped 10 inches of snow back home, we enjoy 80 degrees and sun.  Not a bad way to celebrate!
Some memorable quotes from the trip:
Mommy: We got you a surprise treat for the plane.
Harrison: Is it relish?
(Note: It was not was gummy bears.)

The car alarm was going off.
Dad: Did you press the car alarm button?
Harrison: Yes
Dad: Why would you do that?
Harrison: Daddy, you know I am a very curious boy.

Mommy: What was your favorite part of the trip?
Harrison: Happy hour.
(Note: We discussed hiking and ATV rides were actually his favorite part....particularly when they ask at school.)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick Trip to DC!

Harrison and Mommy did a weekend trip to visit the DC uncle and aunt and celebrate a certain uncle's 40th birthday!

A quick check of the cockpit!
 Since we have been below zero for the majority of the last 2 months, the 40's and 50's in DC felt so good!  We walked the mall and went to the Air and Space Museum, American History and Natural History museums.

Cousins Beth and Beatrix met up with us!  Beatrix and Harrison were two peas in a pods! Harrison did his first sleep over at their house too so mommy could enjoy a FANTASTIC dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle.

 We walked the monuments and memorials on Sunday.

 So these pics aren't from DC but I am a little slow in blog updates.  Before we left, there was actually an evening that the kids could actually play outside!!!!

 Harrison and daddy wrapped up their regular season hockey.  Not sure who had more fun!
 Celebrating Mardi Gras! Our friends the Thornton's threw a fun Mardi Gras party. Harrison liked the King's Cake the best!
 It has been too cold for ski school but the boys did get out for an evening ski. Hopefully March bring some better weather!
Valentines Day party with one of my loves!  I was in charge of the smoothy station at Harrison's class party.  Fun to see him in his school environment.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Little Miss Q

Quinn's ear tubes and adenoid surgery seems to be doing the trick.  She is sleeping better and she obviously is feeling better.  It is fun to watch her personality continue to emerge!  I keep reminding myself that her stubborn and feisty personality will serve her well in life.  She is very funny girl with her own sense of style! She pretty much insists on picking our her own clothes most days.  Most days we are impressed with what she puts together, other days, we just go with it. If you ask her how old she is, she rarely says 2, typically it is "5" or today she said she was "8".  She's growing so fast I am not ready for her to skip to 5! 

 She loves her hats!  Of course, she likes crowns most of all....surprising,  I know.

 You would think we didn't keep our house at 70+ degrees...
 She didn't want to wear socks because she was "too hot"...Hmmmm....perhaps the hat and fur vest had something to do with it???  Isn't that what everyone wears watching Saturday morning cartoons???
 Must be sunny in the kitchen when coloring...

 Going to Fitz's hockey game...the black patten leather shoes  are on the wrong feet, the mittens are the lining from Fitz's gloves and the hat is Fitz's as well.