Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014

Harrison and I were able to enjoy an afternoon lunch date.  (He did inform me he was too young to date though!) Love this kid!

Harrison has been doing chess club on Friday's before school. He loves it and it is amazing how quickly he has picked it!
The only two people happy about the early snowfall!

Quinn's fashion sense continues to wow so many ways!  Little did we know that Harrison's hockey games are official royal engagements!
 Getting ready for Thanksgiving! My little helper!

 My college roommates and I got together at Choo-Choo Bob's in our old St. Thomas neighborhood to celebrate Ander Kelly's 2nd birthday!  Fun to see all the kids together!
Q's first Movie!  Penguin's of Madagascar!
 In line for Santa!  Harrison was excited and Q worked really hard to work up the courage to sit on Santa's lap and ask him for a new princess doll.
 First picture with Santa where Q isn't crying!  She was very brave because I know she was very unsure about it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Quinn!!!

Hard to believe it but the Quincess is 3 years old!  Although she kept telling everyone that she was turning 5, she was pretty excited for her big day.
 She say this cake with the crown on it and fell in love so we went with it.

 Nothing like giving a bunch of kids a stick and have them swing for treats!
 Luckily there was plenty for everyone!  Fun to have the cousins to celebrate with us!

Time for some presents!  She loved tearing into them!
Birthday love from her big brother!

Happy birthday Quinlan!  Your zest and spice make us laugh everyday!  We love you so much!

Happy Halloween!

 Our little fireman and "white puppy with black spots"!  (When Harrison decided to be a fireman, he declared that Q should be a dalmatian...of course Q can never be told what to do so she answered with a quick "I don't want to be a dalmatian!"but was OK with being a puppy.

 Don't worry, that is not some creepy neighbor with the kids...Matt got into the Halloween spirit!

Auntie Suzanne came over to see the kids off Trick or Treating!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Happenings!

Fall is in full swing and has been beautiful!  We continue to take full advantage of it!

Harrison school did a "Walk a Thon".  He happened to be Mrs. Brennan's "Helper of the Day" which meant that he was the line leader for the day.  He led the WHOLE school for the walk a thon!  He was very proud! (The kindergarteners all wore purple...lots of Vikings shirts!)
 We were on the party circuit on Saturday!  Three parties in one day!  Didn't take many pictures but did manage to get one of Quinn, Kate Otos, and Audra McKenna at the Hanson's Halloween bash! These three are all within 2 months of each other.
 Time to carve pumpkins!

The kids are definitely getting their sugar intake this week.  Oh well...tis the season!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Fun!

A Vikings get-together, Harrison and Quinn got to meet their new cousin Griffin!  
Perfect fall day for the pumpkin patch!  We had to dig out our hats but it was a sunny day and the whole family had fun.

 Yummy!  Apple donuts...they smelled and tasted delicious!!!
 Before Grandma and Grandpa headed off to England and France, they stopped by our house to celebrate Grandpa's birthday.  (Q picked out the cake...originally she thought Grandpa wanted a 24 piece cupcake cake in the shape of a princess and I had to convince her that it might be a little too much for just 6 people.)
 H and Q are always willing to help blow out candles!
 The annual Minnetonka Fire Department Open House!  So many fun things to do but didn't get pictures of it all. Q and H could be a good fire fighting team!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Perfect 10!

After sitting on the sidelines of so many sporting event, Q finally got to do one of her own!  Quinn and her pal Audra McKenna started "Almost Me" gymnastics and Mini-Hops!  
She was REALLY excited about her leotard.

On the monkey bars, when the teach first tried to help her she put her hand up and said "No thanks, I got this."  She made it to the first bar. Gotta respect her independence!  (Sometimes...)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fitz Goes to Kindergarten!

Harrison has eagerly been anticipating the first day of Kindergarten since last year.  After exploring several school options, we decide Glen Lake Elementary was the best fit for us.  Harrison couldn't be more excited!

The day before the school started, he had a 2 hour Kindergarten orientation.  He was very excited to learn his buddies Carter and Solomon were in his class.  

 He woke up at 6:30 and wanted to leave at 7:00 for school.  When were thinking he wouldn't go to his usual before school child care the first day but he REALLY wanted to go early so we did.
 A good sign that we ran into Principal Bodey walking into school. He is the new principal at Glen Lake but happened to have been the Vice Principal at Matt's school!
 Mrs. Brennan's kindergarten class.  A good place to be!
 Also new this!  This is the first year where they are actually on teams, have practices and games.  He loves his coach (his dad!) and there is a great group of boys on the team who almost all are in kindergarten at Glen Lake.

So far, the year is off to a great start!